About Us

Maximum Outfitters is an Alberta-owned local business that has been serving the Hinton area since 2011. But that doesn't make us a mom and pop shop. We have expanded our store three times. Now we have about 11,000 square feet and one of the biggest selections of outdoor and work footwear, clothing and equipment in the West-Yellowhead area.

A store that you can pick up a new pair of work boots AND a Kuma camping chair? Yup, it exists and it's us! We work hard to bring reliable and tough gear for work and play. Being local means that we can talk to the outdoor enthusiasts and bring in what THEY want. Big box stores don't have that flexibility. Whether you are an experienced outdoor enthusiast or a hiker newbie we strive to provide you with reliable gear.  

Why shop up with us? Get one-on-one fittings for footwear and backpacks! Get advice from those who use the gear on our trail.  Our goal is to make sure you are set up for success in the great outdoors. 


-Maximum Outfitters Crew